Making Collections

a wholesome bank holiday weekend down in Cornwall at the invitation of TRP.

high tide

low tide
Observing the creek, going on walks and making collections...


Doodle Plug

Reminded myself how to wire a plug.
Drew some circles.



I did some etching today



what a start to the year...
..received an email this morning from NYC based architecture fanzine CLOG that my submission for CLOG : Brutalism has been accepted. Good times...looking forward to seeing the finished issue; should be some good stuff in there.

I submitted a short piece of text and a couple of images of the Moorfields Highwalk captured using a pinhole camera I made... here's one of the set of prints that I didn't submit:

..and a few of the negatives...

I set out to take images that would capture the derelict and slightly melancholy atmosphere of the site...I had no idea it would be demolished just a few short months later
- they definitely make me sad to look at now...